Updates log

Version 2.4.1148 12/7/24

Version 2.4.1147.4 16/3/24

Version 2.4.1147 29/1/24

Version 2.4.1146 8/6/23

Version 2.4.1144 rev 1 - 1/9/22

  • [bug] in commission calculation export to Excel, the column with due amount has been corrected
  • [update] in web checkin acquisition, when there are new checkins to download, they are automatically acquired without asking confirmation to the user
  • [update] in web checkin acquisition, a clearer message is given at the end of the procedure, including the number of duplicated checkins that have been discarded, if any
  • [update] in web checkin acquisition, it has been improved the management of simultaneous call to server API
  • [update] preferences: when changing a parameter in the Web Services page, it's no longer needed to close and reopen the application in order to consider the new value

Version 2.4.1143 rev 6 - 20/7/22

  • [update] In the excel boat permission, diving destination, boat name and jetty name can be entered in arabic language
    NOTE: it's not advided to do so, as if they are saved in arabic, not all Nautilus forms can display them correctly
  • [bug] In the excel boat permission, the diving staff and boat crew names/surnames are now separated by a space even when they are in arabic language
  • [update] For what concerns the checkin acquired from web checkin, you can decide if they are automatically opened (and so the customers are visible in all the customer selection dropdowns) or if they are just acquired but kept in a "standby" status, so that you can open the checkin only when the customer has really arrived to the center.
    The setting can be changed in the Preferences form, in the [Web Services] tab
  • [update] In Technical Manager, new command button to check and change the position of Nautilus database files
  • [update] In both Technical Manager and Nautilus main application, it has been improved the checking for internet connection and for connection to nautilus web services, with clearer messages in case of errors
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