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Nautilus is the most advanced and complete IT solution for the management of Diving Centers, Diving Schools and Diving Clubs.

Written with passion by programmers who are also divers, the program was tested and polished for several years in diverse centers and organizations, both in regards to their field and geographical area. The result was a program that can be easily adapted to any exigencies of the diving management needs.

>> Available for WINDOWS and MAC !

Nautilus can be used on both Windows and Mac*

(*) For models with Intel processor

The simplicity and yet the richness of the interface make it an easy to use tool, with a very rapid learning curve for users, regardless of their IT knowledge level.

The modularity allows lower costs for the initial purchase by selecting the version that best meets your requirements, with the possibility to add the functionalities needed for the development of your business at any time.

Support and manteinance comes from those who were involved in the development of the program. This guarantees to solve any problem quickly and with the utmost competence. More than that, Nautilus is continuosly enanced with new functions and improvements, so you have a product that's always up to date.

The completeness of the solution allows for centralized management of your center with a single tool, capable of covering all functional areas, including:

  •  Client registration and check-in details
  •  Activities booking and excursions planning
  •  Preparation of the boat lists and recording of daily activities
  •  Boutique/shop management, even with barcode readers to speed up operations
  •  Equipment storehouse management and items handling to/from client boxes
  •  Billing/invoicing and client checkout, with automatic accounting bill revenues
  •  Calculation of commissions for staff, tour operators, hotel/resort
  •  Automatic management of payments made through the resort
  •  Complete accounting system with multi-currency cash, bank and credit cards management
  •  Comprehensive accounting analisys tools to keep total control of revenues and expenses
  •  Previsional budgeting toll with cross-check against real data
  •  Marketing and customer care tools that allow to send emails and/or sms messages directly from the application
  •  Web services to publish client logbook data on your website
  •  Master version to collect, consolidate and analyze data from different centers/areas
Get an idea of what you can do with Nautilus by consulting the 'FEATURES'section


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