Update 2.4.1147.4

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Fixed issues

Client registry
: when registering a client and assigning his equipments to a box at the same time, it could appear a warning message about record changed by other user.

: when changing a supplement to another service type, now user is warned if the supplement is already used in one or more trips; if user confirms, the supplement is deleted from the trips.

: for discount conditions of type "General by period", the period was not taken into account correctly.

: when more that one discount condition is applied to the client, it could happen that some prices were not correctly applied, and the columns of the bill rows table were displayed in a wrong way.

Billing: when using an extra-pricelist for a client, at times the extra-pricelist prices were not applied.

Billing: in some situations, if the guest had made one or more advanced payments, once that the payment was confirmed, it could appear as doubled in the bookkeeping.

Trips: when adding supplements to guest while assigning them to the trip, the supplements were not added correctly.


New functions



In the billing page, despite any advanced payment, the total of the bill is always visible, and if the advanced payments were higher than the total due, the "extra" amount is clearly visible, as an alert for giving a refund to the guest
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When entering a new guest, you can specify if the bill of the guest will be paid by another guest (i.e. fora group of friends that want to pay a single bill).
Just enter the "payer" in the relevant drop-down
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When adding clients from the registry, the list of clients has been improved for speed

The adding of guests from the guest registry has been significantly in terms of performance

in Boat Worksheet printout and CDWS list export, it has been improved the way that checkin details (like Hotel and room number) are retrieved, even for repeater customers and for customers that have potentially already checked out


Clients registry

Now it is possible to attach to a guest any kind of external document (image, pdf, word, excel, etc.) so that it is saved into the database, and can be easily retrieved from the main guest page

Quick guests

In Unreserved rentals and Other services forms, it is possible to insert a new quick client without leaving the main form


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