How to setup Nautilus on multiple computers connected to a LAN


Nautilus can be used in “client-server” mode, meaning that a single database can be shared by multiple computers connected to the same local area network (LAN). The computers must be connected with cables, and not woth wi-fi, as this second choiche does not guarantees the requested performance and can lead to data corruption.


Things to do on the SERVER computer


  • The computer where you've installed Nautilus first and you're already working with usually it's been considered as the “server”, that is the one that physically contains the database.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: this computer must always turned one befor all others and shut down after all others

  • Run Nautilus on this computer, open Diving/Data maintenance, and take note of the path that contains the database files that have to be shared

·        On the server computer, open File Explorer, and set up the sharing of the folder you took note in the previous step

When you assign the permissions, be sure to include the “Everyone” group and give it full access to the folder

Once you have shared the folder, you will see the network path that allows to open it from all the computers of your local network (here the path is: \\Uzlaptop\ntldb)


Things to do on every CLIENT computer


  • Setup Nautilus and open it, until you can see the main menu page (at this point, Nautilus will be connected to a new empty database).
  • Open Diving/Data maintenance
  • Enter the shared network path using the browse button or the edit button

    In the Nautilus bottom information bar you will see a message saying “DB connection...”, and at the end of the procedure you will receive a confirmation message.




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