Nautilus Setup                                                                                      updated to version 2.4.1147 on Windows 10 and 11




1)      If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, you must be sure that is the 32bit version, as Nautilus is not compatible with Office 64bit. To check your Office version, see this link:
There is no difference in functionality between 32 and 64 bit versions, so if you have the 64bit installed, you can remove it and download and install the 32bit version
IMPORTANT NOTE: Just Office must be 32bit, Windows itself can be 64bit


2)      It’s also recommended to temporarily disable your anti-virus protection, otherwise some system files needed by Nautilus could not be installed

3)      Minimum screen resolution must be 1600x900 px. If you use a lower resolution, certain areas of application screens can be hidden.
Display zoom/scale is advised to be 100%; it's not mandatory, but if you set it differently, certain buttons on the main menu page needs some tricks to be clicked properly.


To setup Nautilus 2.4 on your computer, please follow these steps:

1.       If you have not already done, download the full setup or the update file from the Support page, and save it to a convenient location.
NOTE: if Microsoft Defender warn you about the downloading of the stup file, click on the “More info” link and then on the “Run anyway” button

2.       When the download is finished, run it as Administrator (click on the file with right mouse button and select “Run as Administrator”)
If a warning message advice you about the security risk of executing a program, just click YES

A screenshot of a computer error

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3.       In the “Welcome” dialog, click [Next]

A computer screen shot

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Nautilus requires that Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 or later is installed on your computer. If you don’t already have this program on your pc, the setup program will alert you.
If this is the case, please download and install [Microsoft Access runtime] from the support page, before setting up Nautilus.


4.       Now you will see the Setup Complete form. Click [Finish]
NOTE: if the setup advice you to reboot the computer, please do it

A screenshot of a computer

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NOTE: you have installed a full setup, than when you run Nautilus for the first time some more steps are needed to complete the initial setup...

5.       Start Nautilus 2.4, by double clicking the Nautilus icon on your desktop.
You will be prompted to insert a start date for the empty season that will be created. Confirm or enter the desired date and click [OK] to proceed

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6.       Now you will be prompted to select two folders: the first one is used by all import/export functions, and the second one used to save backups.
NOTE: the best way is to create two dedicated folders in the Documents folder and use them, as in the picture.


7.       Then, on the “Administrator creation” dialog, click [OK] and enter a password for the created “Admin” user, which is the standard super-user that can never be deleted. REMEMBER this password.


8.       Now you will be asked for the license activation code: just copy the received code and paste it into the input box

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Congratulations !
The setup process is over, and you can start to work with your Nautilus.

If this is the first installation in your center, and you have bought the option to have the inital data files already compiled, follow the steps in next chapter “Restoring a precompiled database.

If you’ve Nautilus already installed on another computer in the center, you need to connect your new Nautilus installation to the existing database. Please view this document for detailed instructions.



Restoring a precompiled database

If you have received a precompiled database bought with the program, follow these instructions to restore it:

o   Close Nautilus

o   From the Start Menù, select All Programs/Nautilus/Technical Manager

o   Click on the [Restore backup] button

o   Browse and select the saved precompiled file (in following example is saved on the desktop), anc click [Open]

o   At the end of the process you will receive a confirmation message. Now you can close the Technical Manager and open again Nautilus





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